Marcus & Monica Turner

Our ceremony was an intimate experience.  It was exactly how we wanted it with our own words.  Could not have gone better.  It exceeded our expectations!

Thank you so much Paula, you made our day, and the day go smoothly and the ceremony was perfect.  Your prompt replies to every question we had made the process easy.

Marcus & Monica Turner8th March 2013
Verity and David Johnson

Our expectations of a celebrant for our ceremony were to listen to our visions for the day and try their best to fulfill those wishes.  Paula you heard everything we asked for and went beyond your duties of a celebrant to ensure the ceremony was perfect.

Paula you are a wonderful celebrant and a gorgeous lady who we feel very privileged to have had you marry us.  Thank you so so much!!!

Verity and David JohnsonSeptember, 2012
Trevor and Philippa Jarvis

Thank you Paula,  your friendly and relaxed nature made the whole process easy, enjoyable and  stress free.  It was exactly how we had hoped it would be – relaxed, informal yet still romantic.

Trevor and Philippa JarvisSeptember, 2012
Scott and Larissa Ambrose

Thank you so very much Paula!  You made everything so easy and relaxed .

Our ceremony was excellent,  very relaxed, elegant and meaningful.

Scott and Larissa AmbroseNovember 2012
Joni Kua and Vince Tiong

It was great being able to ask questions about anything and everything.  It put us at ease!

Our ceremony was great, we loved it.  Paula you provided so much more than we expected, you made the whole thing seem simple and effortless.

Thank you very much Paula for making our special day extra special.


Joni Kua and Vince TiongNovember 2012
Bernadette and Tom Gallagher

Our ceremony was  exactly what we wanted, warm, private, special and “wet:”.  Perfect!


Paula, without your professional service and the fact that you made us feel at ease, our wedding day would not have been as wonderful as it was, so we thank you with all our hearts.  xx

Bernadette and Tom Gallagher14 December 2012
Ange Panousakis and Damian Brugman

The ceremony was more beautiful than we ever could have anticipated. Paula made us and our guests feel relaxed and comfortable. She has a calming and warm presence about her; it is a gift. We really felt that Paula got to know us well by the time the ceremony came around, and this was evident on the day. There was so much love in the room!  We felt so blessed to have her as our celebrant.  A thousand times thank you.

Ange Panousakis and Damian BrugmanJune 2012
Nathan & Michelle Harris

The ceremony was flawless, effortless, personable and exactly what we wanted!

Nathan & Michelle HarrisMay 2012
Megan & Bruce Turner

The ceremony was FUN!  Relaxed, full of warmth – despite the rain!  Paula even enhanced it further with good delivery, timing and humour.

So many of the celebrants we have seen at other weddings have been negative, unfriendly, unable to be heard, got names wrong or fumbled with reading from a script. Some also seem to inflict too much of themselves on the day and take the role of an emcee. Paula was sweet, helpful, calming and genuinely caring. Names were checked at an early stage, we had run through our content several times so we were both sure of it. She kept the procedures moving along at a steady pace but remained in a supportive role. She made us laugh and we were confident in her abilities from the moment we met her. A job very well done.

Thanks for being such a happy and memorable part of our day. Your personality was a perfect fit for us and we enjoyed your humour and cool, calm, collected nature.  You took the rain in your stride and recovered smoothly from the ‘stranger’ comment – it was honestly a delightful highlight for us. We will always remember you and appreciate your part in the very first steps of our married life together.

Megan & Bruce TurnerApril 2012
Coral and Steve Ipsen

The ceremony was what we wanted, casual, funny, and not stressful. Absolutely perfect! Very professional and you delivered it beautifully!

Coral and Steve IpsenMarch 2012